Vik Muniz «Pictures of Clouds» 2000.

Vik Muniz, Empire State Building, NYC, 2000
Pictures of Clouds, Empire State Building, New York City, 2000.
Vik Muniz, Herald Square, NYC, 2000
Pictures of Clouds, Herald Square, New York City, 2000.

Creative Time presents Clouds, Vik Muniz's public art project which coincides with his show at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the premiere of a full-length documentary about his work. Four times during a six day period, starting February 20th, a skywriter will draw a series of clouds over the Manhattan skyline. Using an outline of a cloud designed by Muniz, the "clouds" will be drawn by a crop-dusting plane that has been re-worked for skywriting. Millions of viewers will have a moment to pause, smile and escape from the winter doldrums as they look up into the sky.

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Muniz, an internationally respected Brazilian artist, uses his interest and knowledge of the history of photography to demonstrate how we as viewers can be easily deceived by the images that we see around us. He works in a variety of mediums-sugar, chocolate, dust, cotton and string-creating what he calls, "low-tech illusions." Clouds is a clear expression of this artistic concern, as skywriting is an ideal medium to demonstrate the fleeting nature of images.

Vik Muniz works as a craftsman in his workshop with different materials, such as chocolate, wire, sugar. He uses them to make up portraits and architectures; he reproduces well-known images and pieces done by other artists, which he eventually photographs. The result is never what it seems at first sight - he deceives the spectator's eye and forces him/her to look again.

Vik Muniz's oeuvre includes a very representative selection of works, grouped in series whose title generally refers to the material they are created with: Pictures of Wire; Pictures of Thread; The Sugar Children; Pictures of Chocolate; Pictures of Dust; Pictures of Ink; Pictures of Color; Prisons; Pictures of Earthwork, The Sarzedo Drawings and Pictures of Clouds. In this Pictures of Clouds series, Vik Muniz had a skywriter draw crude outlines of clouds in the sky.

Vik Muniz, Skywriting 1, 2000
Pictures of Clouds, Skywriting, 2000.
Vik Muniz, Skywriting 2, 2000
Pictures of Clouds, Skywriting, 2000.

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