Sensorium «Night and Day» 1998.

Sensorium, Night and Day illustration, 1998
Night and Day: same time different place

The project is constructed of 22 live camera images gathered from all around the world, to show the passage of night and day across the planet in one single image.

When sensorium began in 1996, there were but a handful of WebCams throughout the world. As of June 1998, however, there are countless (at least 3000) WebCams open on the Internet, approximately half of which are running on semi real-time.

Each and every place has its own local time.
There is also an everflowing form of macro time.

Sensorium, Night and Day working table 2, 1998
Sensorium, Night and Day working table 1, 1998
Night and Day working tables

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Night and Day, Sunday 19th June 1998

This animation is a 24-hour segment built from screen shots of the Night and Day project.