Gianni Motti «HIGGS LHC CERN» 2005.

Gianni Motti, Walk 3, 2005
Gianni Motti, Walk 4, 2005
Walking for art's sake, 2005

The man who compared himself to a proton! On 20 May 2005, Gianni Motti went down into the LHC tunnel and walked around the 27 kilometres of the underground ring at an average, unaccelerated pace of 5 kph. This was an artistic rather than an athletic performance, aimed at drawing a parallel between the fantastic speed of the beams produced by the future accelerator and the leisurely stroll of a human. The artist, who hails from Lombardy, was accompanied by cameraman Ivo Zanetti, who filmed the event from start to finish, and physicist Jean-Pierre Merlo. The first part of the film was shown at the Villa Bernasconi, 8 route du Grand-Lancy, Grand Lancy, until 26 June 2005.

Gianni Motti, Walk 1, 2005
Gianni Motti, Walk 2, 2005
The 27 km Walk in the Particle Accelerator, 2005

CERN view
CERN accelerator complex